Monday, November 16, 2009

Definately NOT Your Grandmother's Turquoise

So, everyone knows that I love, love, love Turquoise.  I do live in the great Southwest, but I have to say that I am not a fan of the old-style traditional turquoise jewelry.  You know, the kind that your grandmother has worn since 1958?  Uh no.  My turquoise is trendy and modern and fun.  I have come to fancy my turquoise.  I am super excited to share it with you. 

Check out my Etsy shop for all the new ways I am putting together my turquoise!  And I must warn you, I have lots of new stones!  I can't wait!




Crystal @ Plush Palate said...

Oh this is so gorgeous! Can't wait to check out your store and the new stones :)

Have a great day!


Just Be Creative said...

Thank you Crystal! I love your blog! So beautiful!


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