Thursday, August 6, 2009

Of course, it's HAND-MADE!

I have found a new addiction. ETSY. It is everything hand-made. What's the big deal about buying hand-made? It's a big deal because of the people behind the product. The artists on ETSY, including myself, are hardworking, passionate, and talented. They have learned how to pay attention to their creativity. The same creativity that inspires them to get up in the morning. The same creativity that is inspired by the beautiful things that God has put before us everyday. Look around, pay attention to the birdnest under your front porch, the peaches on the neighbor's tree, and the beautiful New Mexico sunsets that we are blessed to witness each and every evening. The deep orange, purple, blues, and pinks are what inspires me to look through my bead collection and create a beautiful work of art; made with my own two hands. These creations help me deal with the daily stresses of life and all the junk that comes at me on a daily basis. All the things that truly don't matter all that much in the end.

The people on Etsy are not only using their creativity to create a living for themselves, they are using their creativity to make people happy. The greatest enjoyment comes from someone wearing a piece of my jewelry and seeing the smile on their face. People buy jewelry for all sorts of reasons: to complete an outfit, to express their own individual personality, to feel pretty on their wedding day...imagine that someone just bought your earrings to wear on the most important day of their life!

My hand-made jewelry is made with love and passion, and it is unique. It is not mass produced for Walmart or department stores all over the country. There will not be hundreds of people wearing the same necklace. It's almost always a one-of-a-kind. It is a direct expression of my personality and sometimes my mood. I put a lot of time and energy into each piece and sometimes I create pieces with certain people and personalities in mind. There is nothing more special than that!

So I encourage you to check out the ETSY site and pay attention to the creativity!


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